About Takane

Universal & Sons Pte Ltd has been in the business of marketing innovative, fashionable and reliable TAKANE watches since 1995. Our expertise and specialty are in digital watches. New and trendy models are consistently introduced to satisfy the demands of our valued customers. 

Our motto, Digitally Different aspires to deliver exquisite and innovative masterpieces, which are water-resistant, durable and multi-functional. All TAKANE watches are manufactured with an advanced precision technology where they undergo a strict quality control system so that reliability is not compromised. We carry a comprehensive range of sport, casual and fashionable TAKANE watches. 

Our top of the line TAKANE Ana-Digi series of watches combines both analog and digital technology, marrying the dual movements with exquisite precision in one masterpiece of perfection. 

Our much sought-after Classic Analog watches are in tandem with market trends and are affordably priced. 

The Digital Sports series of TAKANE watches are both durable and functional and can be worn for everyday activity. 

TAKANE watches are well received by our valued customers for being stylish, durable and a good value for money. We are committed in providing you with the best service/after-sales service and we will ensure that you wear a TAKANE with pride.

We are the only local sole distributor for TAKANE in the singapore watch market that provides a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects on our TAKANE range of watches.